That guy I don’t know but I say hi to every day

Every day, I cycle to work and every morning I meet the very same guy cycling to wherever he is going. I am waiting on the corner to cross the road and at that exact moment, he will pass me. At first we didn’t greet each, just stared. Then after a few months, it became a simple nod. Now after a year, it is a full hi. That very moment only last for a few seconds… and yet like clockwork, we are the same corner at the same time for tiny few seconds for the past year…

I’m forty and I feel fabulous!

I am forty and I feel fabulous. I want to say it out loud, I want people to know. I have heard many people saying that at forty, it is the beginning of the end. I always found this statement quite odd but I couldn’t comment, I was not forty yet. Now I am and forty feels great. I feel more alive than ever, it is the continuity of my life with gained insights and wisdom. How great is that.

In my 20’s I was bold and loved taking risks. I was doing anything I wanted, when I wanted. I enjoyed it but I was not always grounded. I was anxious most of the time. I felt that I needed to push for things very hard to get where I wanted to be. I had great moments and I had really terrible ones.

Then the thirties came, the time when I built my life foundation. Faithful to myself and following my gut, I moved to Ireland, met my soulmate, had an awesome boy and together we re-defined what we life means for us and how do we want to go forward. My thirties were a voyage of discovery and introspection which led me to where I am now.

At forty, I am grounded, more confident than ever, still bold and liking to take risks but with clearer meaning and intentions behind the actions. I feel blessed and I am grateful. Bring on the years!